bg-image blason-snl WE ARE OUTDOOR Giving the opportunity to discover, love, and preserve our mountains


This shared beauty is a priceless asset. We have a duty to accept our responsibilities and do what is necessary to protect these areas for future generations.



At Snowleader, the human being is at the heart of our priorities. We think the diversity and background of each person offers a unique skillset.



The mountains are our playground, it is important for us to share our passion and make people discover these areas and those who make them exist.

Our beliefs

The Snowleader Corporate Foundation's goal :

Pass on

Our first objective is to help and encourage access to the mountains for young people. The Snowleader Corporate Foundation will support educational and recreational projects that will allow them to share and discover these areas they have not yet been fortunate to see.

Play a part

The second goal is to support environmental and local protection projects. The Snowleader Corporate Foundation will help and develop actions aimed at protecting our natural mountainous areas.

Project Proposal

Do you have a meaningful project that meets the Snowleader Corporate Foundation’s objectives? Put together your file and send it to our team now.

A word from the CEO

  • By creating the Snowleader Corporate Foundation, I wanted to reinforce all the CSR actions that Snowleader has been undertaking up to now. The Snowleader Corporate Foundation will enable us to involve our customers and employees in a joint project. Together with the employees, our customers will be able to choose the projects they wish to support and will be kept up to date on the results of the various actions.


    By spending at Snowleader, they will be the main drivers and funders of the actions we take, which is a financial but also humanitarian commitment to a long-term project. The financial input will be complemented by a contribution of 6 days of work per employee per year, which will enable the teams to invest in the Snowleader Corporate Foundation and support projects of common interest.

    Thomas ROUAULT

About us

Based in the Alps since its creation in 2008, Snowleader has become the leading supplier of sports gear on the internet. With a catalogue of more than 20,000 items from over 400 recognised brands, Snowleader is proud to be part of the Haute-Savoie heritage.

From the beginning, Snowleader set itself apart from competitors by sending a reblochon with every online order. It is this identity that has led the company to contribute to a collective interest by supporting relevant projects that maintain its values through the Snowleader Corporate Foundation.

Board of Directors

As this Corporate Foundation is under construction, the board will be composed of Snowleader employees, shareholders, top-level sportsmen and women and project leaders. This board of directors brings together people of different backgrounds, so that together they can come up with relevant and meaningful ideas.
The Board of Directors is chaired by Mr Thomas ROUAULT.

As part of the creation of the Foundation, Snowleader has committed to making a first donation of 150 000€ in November 2020. Snowleader’s long-term financial commitment will be to contribute 15€ for all orders over 99€ placed by its customers during the 4 days of Black Friday in Europe.

Our team

  • Marion

    Communication Manager

    this Corporate Foundation makes it possible to put into practice Snowleader’s commitment to the democratisation of outdoor sports and various ecological projects. Another way to share our passion for the mountains… and reblochon !

  • julien


    Marketing Manager

    This Corporate Foundation sums up the whole history of Snowleader since its creation : uniting humans, the environment, and our passion for the mountains. Putting people at the forefront of our discussions and support.

  • sandrine


    Administrative and HR Manager

    This Corporate Foundation demonstrates our commitment to preserve our mountains and introduce them to young people, so that they can follow in our footsteps and protect them too. It’s an initiative that makes sense as a Snowleader employee !

  • quentin


    Administrative and Financial Director

    This Corporate Foundation gives more meaning to my job! 5% of my working hours will be dedicated to initiatives that reflect the strong values I share and will help to protect the natural space to benefit future generations !

  • emeline


    Trade-Marketing Manager

    For me, this Corporate Foundation is the perfect opportunity to bring together outdoor specialists, enthusiasts, and locals, with the aim of pooling strengths and skills to help young people discover the mountains. A great initiative in my opinion !

  • laura


    Events Manager

    Sharing and promoting our passion for the mountains through these great initiatives is a massive bonus. It’s important for me that the company I work for gives its employees the opportunity to work on collective projects, whilst promoting the humanitarian aspect !

  • Vincent 

    Equipment Sales Manager

    The creation of the Corporate Foundation means a lot to me, as a father I love introducing my children to skiing and outdoor activities in general. It’s great that we can make the mountains accessible to children who haven’t had the same opportunity.