This common heritage is an invaluable asset. We must take our responsibilities and do what is necessary to protect these spaces for future generations.


At Snowleader, we place great importance on people. We believe that diversity and each individual’s background contribute to a rich blend of talents.


The mountains are our playground, and it’s important for us to share our passion and introduce others to these spaces and the people who bring them to life.

Our purpose

The purposes of the corporate foundation are:


Accessibility to the mountains for young people

The primary objective is to facilitate and encourage access to the mountains for younger generations. The Snowleader Foundation supports educational and associative projects that enable them to share and discover this environment that they may not have the chance to know.


environmental protection

The second objective is to support projects for the protection of the mountain environment. The corporate foundation helps and develops actions aimed at protecting mountain natural areas.

The President’s message

  • I wanted to create the Snowleader Foundation with an ambition that resonates with me: to give children access to the mountains. This is a project that is dear to me because I know that for many young people, going to the mountains is complex, if not impossible.
    However, sharing the values ​​associated with the mountains helps everyone grow, which is why I want to transmit this. Thus, flourishing, dreaming, is no longer reserved for an elite with the means to go to the mountains, but rather for as many children and young people, from 3 to 25 years old, for whom the path to this destination was not all mapped out.

    The second reason for this creation is my desire to protect these natural mountain spaces, so that they are preserved for the generations of tomorrow to see the glaciers, the mountain flora, the high-altitude animal species, etc. The mountains are a wonder every day, so we must sensitize as many people as possible to this natural jewel and its preservation.

    I want to highlight and help what the men and women of the associative world strive to keep alive: human projects that are respectful of the environment, whether through awareness from an early age or concrete action in the field. By their side, Snowleader employees have the opportunity to carry out skills-based volunteering missions to share these virtues of cohesion, benevolence, and team spirit.

    We are outdoor.

    Thomas ROUAULT
    Foundation President

The organization

Our corporate foundation consists of a Board of Directors comprising 10 Snowleader employees, including Thomas Rouault, the CEO of Snowleader and president of the foundation, and 5 external members. Each member brings their own perspective and expertise, contributing to the selection of projects supported by the foundation. The Board of Directors includes individuals with diverse backgrounds to ensure the generation of meaningful and relevant ideas.

An annual call for projects takes place from December to February, for a duration of three months.

About us

Snowleader, established in the Alps since it was fist created in 2008, has become the reference in online distribution of outdoor sports equipment. With a catalog of over 80,000 products featuring nearly 500 brands, Snowleader proudly asserts its attachment to its region: Haute-Savoie.

From the beginning, Snowleader set itself apart by offering a wheel of reblochon cheese for each order placed on its website. It is with this identity-driven positioning that the company has decided to contribute to the collective interest by supporting projects that have meaning while respecting its values through the Snowleader Corporate Foundation.

The Board of Directors


At Snowleader

Marketing Manager


Textile Purchasing Manager


Product Expertise Coordinator


Textile Buyer


Head of Logistics Operations


Collection Coordinator


Head of Communication


Chief Financial and Administrative Officer


Human Resources Director


Founder of Snowleader & amp; President of the Snowleader Foundation


Personalities from the mountain world
Laurent Belluard

Editor-in-chief at Nivéales Editions

Marc Daviet


Enak Gavaggio

Former professional skier

Ulysse Robach

Marketing and Environmental at Patagonia

Sophie Rodriguez

Former snowboarder, now pursuing a career in photojournalism.

Foundation management

At Snowleader
Charline Didot

Project Sponsorship Manager