WE ARE OUTDOOR Giving the opportunity to discover, love, and preserve our mountains


This shared beauty is a priceless asset. We have a duty to accept our responsibilities and do what is necessary to protect these areas for future generations.


At Snowleader, the human being is at the heart of our priorities. We think the diversity and background of each person offers a unique skillset.


The mountains are our playground, it is important for us to share our passion and make people discover these areas and those who make them exist.

Our beliefs

The Snowleader Corporate Foundation's goal :

Pass on

Access to the mountains for young people

Our first objective is to help and encourage access to the mountains for young people. The Snowleader Corporate Foundation will support educational and recreational projects that will allow them to share and discover these areas they have not yet been fortunate to see.

Play a part

Protection of nature

The second goal is to support environmental and local protection projects. The Snowleader Corporate Foundation will help and develop actions aimed at protecting our natural mountainous areas.

Project Proposal

Do you have a meaningful project that meets the aims of the Snowleader Foundation? Associations, put together your file and send it to our team now.
The call for projects will end on February 28, 2022.

A word from the CEO

  • “The current health crisis has and still does disrupt our lives, urging us once again to rethink our lifestyles and strengthen our core beliefs. This is why I wanted to create the Snowleader corporate foundation a year ago, with two main ambitions: to give young people access to the mountains and to protect the environment that surrounds us; these natural areas that continue to amaze me every day and that I aspire to preserve”, explains Thomas Rouault, Snowleader’s Managing Director and President of the Snowleader corporate foundation. This corporate foundation sums up the entire history of Snowleader since its creation: to combine the human element, the environment and our passion for the mountains; to put people back at the heart of our exchanges and to help each other.   It allows us to concretise Snowleader’s commitment to the promotion of outdoor sports and various ecological projects.

    Thomas ROUAULT
    President of the Snowleader corporate foundation


To implement this, we have mobilised a team of 15 people, including 10 internal Snowleader employees, who are committed to supporting and accompanying these projects.  Snowleader employees can therefore work to bring this corporate foundation to life through the projects supported. Antoine, Marion, Quentin, Claire, Jacques, Jennifer, Axel, Amandine, and Andréa make up the board of directors. They are joined by Laurent Belluard, editorial director at Éditions Nivéales ; Marc Daviet, a professional photographer in the world of climbing and mountaineering; Enak Gavaggio, a former professional skier; Sophie Rodriguez, a former snowboarder who has now turned to photojournalism; and Calypso Sottovia, in charge of marketing at Patagonia. Each of them brings his or her own vision to the choice of projects supported by the foundation. This board of directors brings together personalities with different backgrounds, so that together they can come up with relevant and meaningful ideas.

After the creation of our own corporate foundation, Snowleader pledged make an initial donation in December 2020 of €150,000. Our long-term financial commitment is to donate €15 for all orders over €99 placed by our customers during the 4-day Black Friday promotion in Europe. The Snowleader corporate foundation aims to encourage the development of mountain activities, particularly for children and teenagers who don’t have access to them. Unfortunately, growing up in the shadow of the mountains does not always make these activities possible; This is why the foundation has made this its fight to change the situation. Our aim is not to provide ready-made solutions, we want to highlight and help what people voluntary sector are doing their utmost to bring to life: human and environmentally friendly projects. This can be done by raising awareness from an early age or through concrete action in the community. Alongside them, Snowleader employees have the opportunity to carry out sponsorship missions to share the sense of cohesion, benevolence, and team spirit. In this way, growing, developing, and dreaming, is no longer reserved for the elite with the means to go to the mountains, but rather for a large number of children and young people who have not necessarily had this opportunity yet.

About us

Based in the Alps since its creation in 2008, Snowleader has become the leading supplier of outdoor sports gear on the internet. With a catalogue of more than 20,000 items from over 400 recognised brands, Snowleader is proud to be part of the Haute-Savoie heritage.

From the beginning, Snowleader set itself apart from competitors by sending a reblochon with every online order. It is this identity that has led the company to contribute to a collective interest by supporting relevant projects that maintain its values through the Snowleader Corporate Foundation.

Board of directors


At Snowleader

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Laurent Belluard

Editorial director at Éditions Nivéales

Marc Daviet

A professional photographer in the world of climbing and mountaineering

Enak Gavaggio

A former professional skier

Sophie Rodriguez

A former snowboarder who has now turned to photojournalism

Calypso Sottovia

In charge of marketing at Patagonia